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Over 100,000 Hobie Cats are sailing around the world in huge Hobie fleets and regattas. Through the social and racing activities of Hobie fleets, members have an opportunity to participate in activities designed to enhance the quality of their recreational time, and to contribute to a spirit of friendship that has graced the sport of Hobie Cat sailing since 1967. Sailors everywhere have come to call this unique affinity "The Hobie Way of Life".





Hobie 16


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Need Specific Parts?

If you own a Hobie Cat and need a specific part, use the part locators to get what you need. It's easier than ever to find the parts you need for your Hobie Cat!

Select your boat above and open the Part Locator.
Sails Trampolines
The classic colorful sails are signature to Hobie Cat. You can replace your sails and keep that same look from years ago. Whether your are racing the fleet or cruising the beach, you can replace those old sails right here.
Hobie trampolines are the best! We use heat welded vinyl in all of our trampolines to create the strongest and longest lasting trampolines on the market!
Trapeze Rudder & Tiller
Wires, kits, and deck hardware for all your Hobie trapeze needs.
To have that right feel... you have to have a rudder system from hand grip to the lower tip of the rudder, that is without slop and can be adjusted to your comfort and convenience.
Covers Dollies & Trailers
Protect your Hobie cat from the elements.
From your backyard, to the beach, and into the water. Go sailing anywhere!
Part Kits Accessories
Pre-made kits to take on the go.
Hatches and righting systems.