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Proper maintenance will keep your boat looking new. Learn how to clean, fix and tune your boat to get the best performance for years to come.

Harness Rescue Tool Marine Rescue Knife Marine Tool
Harness Rescue Tool
Our Price: $16.95
Marine Rescue Knife
Our Price: $35.95
Marine Tool
Our Price: $29.95
Gill Harness Rescue Tool Gill Marine Rescue Knife Gill Marine Tool
Personal Rescue Knife Knife with Pocket Gelcoat 1/2 pt Vela Grey
Personal Rescue Knife
Our Price: $25.95
Knife with Pocket
Our Price: $13.99
Gelcoat 1/2 pt Vela Grey
Our Price: $36.00
Gill Personal Rescue Knife The "just in case" Magic Marine trapeze knife. For touch ups and restorations. (1/5 pint - Vela Grey)
Gelcoat G1/2 pt Bright White Gelcoat 1/2 pt Grey (2008) Gill Advance Intensive Spot Cleaner
For touch ups and restorations. (1/5 pint - Bright White) For touch ups and restorations. (1/5 pint - 2008 Grey) Intensive Spot Cleaner to help restore and rejuvenate your Gill garments to their original finish